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Termite Pest Control services in Delhi NCR

Termites are pests that can cause damage in a serious manner, whether it is home or workplace. Anti termite treatment sprays will not be enough to solve the issue but it needs services that will help in getting rid of termites from roots. 

We use an advanced range of termite pest control chemical emulsions that are induced at low pressure through the refilling points or points of junctions. 


There is also an evolved system of tubing and piping methods that are specifically maintained to the under concrete slabs or before the flooring is done. Termite pest control is an evolving and growing system, it is a network of subterranean zones designed to evenly distribute termite-preventing chemicals throughout the foundation of a building. This is a way to regulate the flow of chemicals and help protect against future termite infestations that may enter your home or under the floor.


The process of termite pest control services which we provide starts with lying special flexible, continuously perforated through a pipe along with the internal periphery of the building and centre flooring using the design of grid. Such perforated pipes are done along with the flooring just before lying on the sand or fixing the floor marble or tiles.

A Men doing Termite Control with a pipe.

Termite control services in Noida

    • Termite pest control services in Noida are offers various advantages through this innovative and advanced method. While doing this, there is no requirement of excavation or drilling the holes in the floor to inject termite chemicals; no tiresome work is required for removing the furniture area. The termite chemical spread in the areas has no pungent smell. The space of the building has no exposure to insecticides. Therefore, a warranty is applicable yearly and every three years refilling. 
    • Termite pest control treatment services in Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and Termite pest control services in Noida are the provider with anti-treatment in various parts of the nation at affordable budget and in a timely manner. To ease the process of treatment of termites, we use various methods and techniques. For availing of those services, you just have to contact us and we will take up the responsibility of making your space termites free. Availing of 24×7 services, termite pest control services in Noida, anti-treatment termite services near you.

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Our Pricing of pest control services in Delhi NCR

  • 1BHK 1899 ₹
  • 2BHK 2599 ₹
  • 3BHK 3499 ₹
  • 4BHK 4599 ₹
  • 5BHK After Visit

Visit Charge 300₹ *

1 year warranty

  • The best part of our services is that it creates no harm to any human as the chemicals, insecticides, or pesticides used by us are Free from Chemicals that assure utilization of High-class herbals for providing pest control services.
  • The warranty period or the follow-up after providing any pest control or cleaning services ranges from 1 year.